February 2012

What Your Kindergartener Needs to Know

Whether you are seeking a book to help supplement your homeschooling or to discuss in your parenting  book club, E.D. Hirsch, Jr. and John Holdren’s classic, What Your Kindergartener Needs to Know, might just be what you are looking for. Don’t let the dated cover fool you if you don’t have an updated version.

This book is a very handy guide to use when ensuring that your children are learning all that most children are expected to learn by the time they graduate Kindergarten. You’ll likely find that your child knows a good portion of the objectives—if not all of them!—through your simple day-to-day living and adventures, from fables to nursery rhymes, adding and subtracting to facts about plants and animals. Still, it’s nice to have a handy guide for parents who worry about their children meeting milestones and knowing all they need to know. It’s also a comfort to parents who unschool and are just curious to see what their children “should” know by now; many find that their kids do know most of the material covered and realize they were worrying for nothing.