July 2012

Dark Places

Gillian Flynn does it again!

Have you read Gillian Flynn yet? If you like mystery, murder, and shocking twists, you definitely have to give her a try. Her debut novel, Sharp Objects, was amazing, and I just finished her novel Dark Places, which was just as awesome. There are just enough delectable details to make you feel like you know what happened, only for you to completely be wrong—and to say, “Ahh!” once you figure the whole thing out at the end. Everything works together in this perfectly twisted story full of chaos and randomness that somehow manages to remain engrossing and a downright blast to read. It’s like watching The Sixth Sense for the first time, before you get all the clues, but better.

Dark Places is about a woman in her thirties named Libby Day who isn’t successful at anything. A depressed kleptomaniac who cannot hold a job, does not really do boyfriends (or friends, for that matter), and struggles to simply fill the ice cube trays, she is the only witness to the murder of her two sisters and mother at the supposed hands of her brother, which occurred when she was only seven years old. But is Libby truly certain about the testimony that was coaxed out of her at such a tender age, after such an ordeal? That premise alone was enough to hook me in before even opening the book.